7 Steps To Make Your Epic Dream Goals A Reality

7 Steps To Make Your Epic Dream Goals A Reality

“What separates a weak dreamer and a great dreamer is who is wishing and waiting or who is willing and working.” ~Israelmore Ayivor

You are a great dreamer!

How do we know? Because here you are, ready to learn some methods of setting and working toward your epic dreams that deserve to become reality.

You’re willing.

You are eminently capable.

Many people underestimate the positive effect goal setting has on their success – simply because they’ve never done it before or haven’t done it in the most powerful manner.

We were the same when we first started building our online business – our eyes glazed over when goal setting was mentioned. We thought we were ‘above’ that. But we were wrong!

Our ‘luck’ changed when we put into practice what we’re about to share with you right now.

Is Your Inability To Set Powerful Goals Scuppering Your Success?

The answer is a 7 step process to follow. It’s a powerful process which requires fortitude, foresight and focus.

So let’s get to work.

smart goal setting concept1. SMART people set goals in a S.M.A.R.T. manner

So rock that acronym and work to make each goal:

a. Specific

Okay, let’s say you’re planning a vacation. Your stated goal is: “I want to go on a vacation where I will have a relaxing time.”

With that statement in mind, try to answer these questions: How will I get there? Where should I stay? How much will it cost?

It’ll be difficult, if not downright impossible, to achieve a goal if it’s not clear and concise. How will you know when you arrive, if you don’t know your destination?

“I will go on a week cruise to Bermuda and take part in relaxing activities on and off the ship.” That’s a good start. But, let’s move past travel and on to goals that’ll help you earn a sustainable income online to afford you the flexibility to take those trips.

“I want to write a book” is far too vague.

“I will write an e-book on 7 ways to visit Disney World on a shoestring budget” clearly states your goal.

b. Measurable

Your goal might need to include numbers so you can accurately track your progress. What numerical value do you need to place on measurable achievement of your goals?

“I want to lose enough weight to be healthier” is too vague.

“I will lose 20 pounds over the next 4 months” is clear and measurable.

How many pages will be in your e-book? Divide that number by the number of words you will write every day.

Some goals may need measurement of a different type. “I will be more confident” is hard to track. Ask yourself, “What would that look like?” That type of question will lead you to ways to measure your progress.

c. Actionable

Get out your thesaurus – it’s time to find the action verbs that’ll help propel your goal forward.

We’ve found the thesaurus to be quite inspirational!

Check out “research” as a verb. Delve, examine, explore, seek, search, leave no stone unturned. Use the words that inspire you the most.

d. Relevant and realistic

Make sure your goals play an important role in your long-term career plan. The “realistic” part of this step can be a bit tricky.

We want you to dream big, push yourself past self-imposed boundaries, and grow along with your dreams. What we don’t want you to do is set impossible expectations. So, going back to your book about Mickey Mouse’s magical playground, it would be unrealistic to say, “I will write the e-book in two hours.”

When you're focused and dedicated, it would be realistic to say “I will complete my e-book in two weeks.”

e. Time based

Impose some time limits on your goals.

Your goal setting and writing is not complete until you give yourself a deadline.

Adam Savage said,

“I’ve learned over decades of building that a deadline is a potent tool for problem-solving.”

There's such satisfaction to be found in the completion of a project, the achievement of a goal.

When you have a definite end date for one goal, you'll be ready to plan your next.


Get “out of your comfort, into your creativity“ zone.

Choose a time when won’t be disturbed.

Make a cup of tea or pour something cold to drink.

Put on some background music. Now, some people say instrumental music is the only kind to use. We disagree. Whatever works best for you should be the soundtrack for your goal setting time. We know a woman who does her best work with Broadway musicals playing away.

Have your computer, tablet, or pen and paper ready.

Get comfortable and get ready to start an exciting journey.


This is the time to let your creativity have free rein.

For 15 minutes, write down whatever goals come to mind. You’re already in the no-holds-barred zone. Be bold. Be brave.

You can’t create and edit at the same time. Some of your ideas may not feel right now, but down the road you may find inspiration from them. For that reason, don’t delete or discard any of your brainstorming notes.


Okay, now you can pull out your red pencil. Rate each idea in order of your interest. Which ones call out to you? Which ones intrigue or excite you the most? After you’ve numbered each of your brainstorming ideas, review the list. Which ones are specific? Which ones are measurable? Choose the three that fit the SMART goal setting plan the best.


“It’s only a dream till you write it down, and then it’s a goal.” ~Emmit Smith

There’s magic and momentum in the act of writing down your goals. In fact, we insist you to write them down on paper first, even if you're going to create an online file for them. Writing them by hand, as opposed to than typing them out, creates a better synaptic connection with your subconscious.


Read over those top three goals that made the cut. Which one is most likely to move you toward your life goals? What are your next steps?

Be sure to set “do” dates as well as “due dates.”


Think of yourself as a gardener of goals. You prepare and plant. You nurture and weed. Then you harvest and enjoy!

What do you do next? You start all over again, nourished by the fruits of your efforts.

It’s time to dream those epic dreams and work to bring them to life! Enjoy every step of the journey.

Watch this video – take notes – maybe play it through twice, and most importantly ACT ON IT!

For an additional, proven, scientific approach to make luck happen in your goal setting, click here and read this post



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