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“You can’t handle the truth!” Remember those powerful words spat out by Jack Nicholson’s character in the 1992 movie ‘A Few Good Men’?

Well, not only do we believe you CAN handle the truth; we know you DESERVE the truth! And we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to share our wisdom with you.

So we happily present you with more than just a “Few Good Truths”.

Here are 7 realities about powering up your online business which stem from all we’ve learned after a few crAZy years online.

Ready? Of course you are!

facts about online business

Truth No. 1 – You don’t need CEO experience when you have C.E.O. drive

You can gain knowledge through books and experience. That’s a given. Titles can be impressive. Agreed. But, you don’t need someone else dub a title on you in order to be a big success. It’s not like a day job.

To build a successful online business simply engage your CREATE EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES drive. With that C.E.O. passion in gear, you’ll be unstoppable. And the only title you’ll want or need is “Successful Digital Entrepreneur”.

The truth is, those who push through the overwhelm, the frustration, the boredom, and the impatience – will gain mastery – because mastery and success come with perseverance and persistence, not with university degrees, job labels, and entitlement.

The same goes for technical ability too – when you’re forever thinking you’re not technical – you WILL prove yourself right. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because we humans inherently don’t like being wrong. When you attempt to learn to use a new software or platform, you’ll mess it up (sub-consciously) because you’re always telling yourself you’re not technical. And you want to prove yourself right, right? (We KNOW this from first-hand experience!)

In this day and age, technology has developed to the point when you don’t need to be technical. If you can do the following three things, you have all the base skills you need:

1. copy and paste text,
2. search Google and Youtube, and
3. send an email

Constantly remind yourself you already have the base skills you need, and you instantly cure the technical ability issue. Simple.

Yes, you’ll still face speed bumps every now and then, but you’ll be resourceful with your searches of Google and Youtube to find solutions to overcome the road-blocks.

how to leverage the internet

Truth No. 2 – There’s no “Abracadabra” to success in online business

No farmer ever waved a magic wand one day and harvested his crops the next. His bounty came about due to a combination of planning, planting and persistence.

Furthermore, no farmer we into business short term for just one year, or just one crop, or just one season. It’s a long game. It takes time, patience, and effort.

The same goes for you and your online business. Consider what products you want to cultivate, and plant your seeds. Till that soil. Find a need many people have and find the product that solves their problem and you’re on your road to success. Write those blog posts. Build that website. Create the body of problem solving content that’ll prove you’re genuine about helping people and the income will surely follow as night follows day (we were going to say as Spring follows Winter, but not all parts of the planet are lucky enough to experience the four distinct seasons!).

Anyway, there’s a season for everything. Make this your season for success.

trust your gut

Truth No.3 The internet is SAFE when you choose wisely

You wouldn’t walk down a dark alley with wads of cash hanging out of your pockets and diamond rings sparkling on every finger, would you? We know you’re smarter than that.

Use that same combination of intelligence and common sense when investing in your online business.

Trust your gut.

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. If someone’s offering you overnight riches, the age old adage applies: if it sounds too good to be true…

Do your due diligence, ask the right questions, do some digging.

When you take risks, take qualified risks.

And above all – avoid Ponzi schemes. Here’s what to look out for when confronted by a Ponzi scheme.

basic online business rules

Truth No. 4 – The basic rules of business still apply

You’re going to work, invest, and commit. It’s a real business after all, albeit it in the online, virtual, digital world.

Sometimes you’re going to work very hard – particularly at the beginning.

You’ll succeed (hopefully often), but sometimes despite your very best efforts, you’ll fail. We have as well, and it’s no fun.

But, making mistakes provides you a valuable gift. The gift of learning from your mistakes.

Pry the gift of learning from the closed fist of failure.

We’ve done that many times… so we’re wiser and more prepared for the next adventure.

You WILL too 🙂

small business online needs

Truth No 5 – There’s no one-stop shop – until now!

Sadly, there’s been no one single website, book, or product that holds all the answers you’ll ever need for success in online business. It’s the unicorn of false hopes. Until now!

Picture the internet as an “all you can eat” buffet of wisdom. You can pick and choose from the many offerings. Select servings from a variety of sources and gorge yourself until you can’t eat any more, and can’t move or take action because you’re too full.

But NOW, there is a dedicated one-stop-shop for all your online business educational requirements which includes:

  • all the online business tools you’ll need and
  • all the help and support of a like-minded global community.

It’s called Six Figure Mentors. It was launched in 2010, and along with their sister company, Digital Experts Academy, they’re tackling the online education industry head on.

sustained income online

Truth No 6 – Profits are there to be made. Why not by you?

By virtue of the fact you’re reading this right here, right now, proves you’re heading in the right direction. Allow your inner GPS guide you to the places and spaces where you’ll find direction and inspiration.

Don’t be detoured by the nay-sayers, doubters and passion-killers. Some friends and family won’t want you to change, to be fulfilled, and to have success – cos it’ll make them look bad. Some might mistakenly believe in jobs for life. And some might be way more risk averse than you so aren’t in a position to give advice and hold you back.

We’re living proof it’s easily doable to make a sustained income online. And we love the results of our strategic planning and dedicated work. But there’s nothing special about us – we simply plotted the course, invested in ourselves, and persisted until we got the right results.

age don't matter online

Truth No. 7 – Age don’t matter

The internet doesn’t care if you became eligible to drink or vote last week or if you got the senior discount when you caught public transport today. The numbers that matter aren’t how many candles there were on your last birthday cake. The numbers that matter are the ones that show up in your bank statement.

We’ve all read about child prodigies as well as people who didn’t have great success until they were over the age of retirement.

Sometimes the careers of those children burn out like a shooting star. A burst of light and then nothing! On the other hand, what if those late bloomers had been able to enjoy that level of success all their lives?

The internet makes it possible for you to start at any age, and grow and maintain a business that creates a sustainable income, and enjoy life-long satisfaction, wealth, and fulfillment.

You’re never too young to start. You’re never too old to continue. You simply need to believe in yourself, be open-minded, and have a thirst for learning and taking action.

The number of sunsets you’ve seen don’t matter as much as the sunrise you welcomed today. You have NOW. Grab this opportunity! We can help you have even more to celebrate when you blow out the candles on your next birthday (which for Fiona will be 50!).

Dare to make a wish and make that wish come true.

best online business training


Now you’re armed with the information you need to leverage the internet and build a sustainable online business – which allows you to have the time freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams. Because once you have an online business set up and humming along, you get your time back. Maintenance really only takes a couple of hours a day, tops.

To learn more about the very best online business model available, the business model Six Figure Mentors teaches you all about, click through to watch this explanatory video.


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